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Space Supernova

Extraterrestrial Life?

Q.  What is your opinion on the possibility of extraterrestrial life, specifically; please consider the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life? 

A.  My opinion about intelligent life in outer space is that there is none, other than angelic beings which are mentioned in the Bible. They obviously are intelligent, but we have very little info about their living conditions or even where they live other than the “heavens,” which could include outer space as we know it.  

I believe the only explanation for any kind of life (including angels) is creation. So unless God created that life “out there” it cannot exist.  Evolutionary theory which claims/requires random chance resulting in the ordering of atoms into molecules, into biomolecules, into complex biomolecular machines, into systems that manipulate energy and information, into a cell that can reproduce itself (i.e. life), is absurd and totally unfounded on a observational level. Since creation, I believe, is the better/only explanation, and, I believe, God tells us what He did in creation in the Bible, and He only speaks of organisms (intelligent or otherwise) as part of the creation on earth, I think the life here is all there is. 

God could have created other beings elsewhere in the universe, but in my opinion that is 100% speculative, and since there is nothing about that in the Bible, it would have no bearing on our existence or more importantly in our relationship with our Creator. The Bible reveals, the Son of God, Jesus, actually became a human in history, in order to identify with us, and as one of us be able to represent us before God.  As Man’s representative, Jesus died for humanity’s sin, rose from the dead to prove who He was, and to validate what He said, and right now is actively involved in representing Man to God. God’s attention is on Man, and He uses all creation, including the vast expanse of outer space (“The heavens declare the glory of God!” Psalm 19 ) to draw us to Himself.  


The possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life is an interesting question, but I think spending a lot of time pursuing various claims about sightings and getting drawn into the sensationalism of the search for such life is unprofitable (except for the producers of the programs selling their ideas).  In the end, lots of speculation about extraterrestrial life only distracts and misdirects Man’s attention from the purpose God has for the creation, especially the beautiful heavens. 

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