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A Flower on Mars?

In January 2013, NASA's Mars rover, "Curiosity," took pictures of the Martian landscape as well as close-ups of objects in the area.  One highly magnified photo generated interest in the media (see photo to the left).  Some claimed it looked like a flower.  Of course if it were a flower, such a discovery would be extremely significant to evolutionists who are looking for evidence to explain the origin of life of earth.  "Life came from outerspace," is considered to be the best explanation by more and more evolutionists.  Therefore, if lifeforms were found on Mars, such a fact could be cited as support for the hypothesis that the origin of life in the universe is not earth.
      Obviously, it is plain to see the whitish, shiny rock in the middle of the photo is NOT a flower.  (And I am not suggesting that any bona fide scientists are suggesting it.)  It appears to be some type of crystalline formation like a quartz .  But the media hype is the sort of information that gets bantered about, and with absolutely no basis in reality, the mindset in our society that life is "out there somewhere" grows more and more entrenched.  A mindset evolutionists cultivate in order to continue to promote the theory of evolution.

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