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Being Useful to God-1st Samuel 4​

This message was part of a series Ben preached through 1st Samuel.  In order to understand the introduction to the message, you need only to know that before the sermon, he had the joy of dedicating a baby boy to the Lord, named Ezekiel.  ~35 min.​

Being Useful to GodDr. Ben Scripture
00:00 / 35:04
Psalm 111--Hallelujah!

This message on Psalm 111--a "Hallelujah Psalm" as Dr. Scripture puts it--emphasizes the works and character of God, and encourages us to be thankful and confident in God's care for His people.

Psalm 111 - Hallelujah!Dr. Ben Scripture
00:00 / 30:22
Life of Sacrifice​

This 45 minute message considers the details of the great flood emphasizing the reasonableness of the events as recorded.  It also is a challenge to live by faith as Noah did.

Life of Sacrifice​ - 10_16_11​Dr. Ben Scripture
00:00 / 43:30
Love Is Demonstrated

This 45 min message considers the biblical principle that LOVE  IS DEMONSTRATED BY GIVING.

Love Is DemonstratedDr. Ben Scripture
00:00 / 45:23
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