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What We Believe

"The Bible is not intended by God to be a science textbook, but everything it does say about the material world is accurate. With the proper perspective, we will discover that biblical statements present no necessary contradictions to anything scientists have been able to demonstrate."  —Dr. Ben Scripture

My goal is not to adhere to what is generally labelled as a "young earth" or "old earth"  interpretation of the creation account.  My goal in interpreting the Bible is to determine the original meaning of the author; an Originalist Approach. 

We believe the beginning chapters of Genesis should be taken literally, because they were written to be understood that way by Moses.   The texts indicate that God created the heavens the earth and all they contain in 6 consecutive rotations of the earth.

We believe the flood recorded in Genesis 6-9 was a global flood, and all the scientifically named species of organisms are the result of adaptive radiation of the kinds God created on days 3, 5 and 6; the land animals in particular being descendants of those creatures which Noah carried with him on the ark.

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